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About Us

Find out more about the CG Performance team

CG Performance was established by Nick Phelps a self-confessed petrol head since probably before his birth who has owned just about every type of car imaginable and will continue to do so for as long as he can!

Nick has a background in manufacturing operating a prototype, design & manufacturing business. Learnt through many years of business operation, Nicksʼ trademark of quality, service, attention to detail and strong moral code whilst not new to Nickʼs existing clients, will quickly be clear to all who visit and use CG Performance.

At CG Performance we offer the UK’s premier solution in paint protection film. Through our in-house facilities we care for your car as much as you do and thrive on producing a near invisible vinyl finish, helping retain the residual value of your vehicle and ensuring it looks as fresh as the day you bought it.

Why Work With Us?

BECAUSE in todayʼs cost conscious environment it is reassuring to know that it is still possible to get a genuine and trustworthy service from a business that only too well understands this.

BECAUSE we are as enthusiastic about your cars as you are. Whether it be, your everyday and necessary work horse, your racing steed or your weekend play thing. We will treat your car as though it were our own and return it to you in the same or better condition that it was handed to us, guaranteed!

BECAUSE at CG Performance we are the good guys. We accept that some people do like Marmite and others don’t (personally I do – Nick), and we don’t prejudice against either. What we are saying then is that we will listen to you our clients, and if you need our flexibility or feel that maybe the suggested solution by another facility is overkill to your needs, then your voice will be heard and your wishes will be met by us.